Reminiscing Friends

May 26, 2013

Yesterday we laughed and had fun together.
We hiked and swam to our enjoyment.
We left our footprints on the trail in the mountains.
With a glass of wine in our hands, we touched on all topics,
Ranging from history to the current affairs until three o'clock in the morning.
We formed a strong bond, becoming brothers and sisters.
Today one of us had left to a better world.
However, he or she will be forever missed in our hearts.

Have a great Memorial Day 2013!

Facing Rebirth

June 5, 2012

Learning to embrace ‘rebirth’ is one of the most important and difficult lessons we learn in life. 


There should be no fear, no regret and no lingering when rebirth arrives.


It is not easy, but it is just a way we emerge back to nature and be with our mighty God.


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