Learning to embrace ‘rebirth’ is one of the most important and difficult lessons we learn in life. 


There should be no fear, no regret and no lingering when rebirth arrives.


It is not easy, but it is just a way we emerge back to nature and be with our mighty God.


When autumn arrives, the maple leaves dye the earth red.


When spring approaches, the dandelions dance in the air.


That is just nature, the work of art by God.


Life is like a candle.  When you finish illuminating light in the dark night,

you are back to nature.人生就像一支蠟燭。當您完成照明,給世界帶來了希望,你就回歸自然。  

“If a kite gets caught by a branch of a tree, it will struggle relentlessly to try to free itself.  So if you want the kite to fly freely, you have to let it go.”



Let all souls rest in peace!  And when God calls on you, go with a smile.



In Memory of All Those Loved Ones

Who Emanate Like a Star at Night!